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VSAT networks design, installation of approximately 750 VSAT stations, 14 earth stations and also installation of more than 4500 TVRO systems in region of Europe, Asia and Africa have been contributed to our extreme experience. Everyday work with a latest technology in satellite communications enables cutting edge service to our customers.

That is the reason why LABAN Communications was called for expert work for our American and German partners in Romania, Cyprus, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Bosnia, Macedonia, Ukraine etc.

Experts from our company participated in the first European Orbital Test Satellite (OTS) in 1982. and also in European Communication Satellite (ECS-later EUTELSAT) research and measurements in 1984.

Knowledge and experience from the first European satellite steps transferred to “LABAN Communications” in 1989.

The first fiber optic network with high capacity (4 x STM1) was designed and installed in Belgrade in 1989.

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